Working With Me


Hi, I’m Lydia, a WordPress website professional. I love checklists and I’m mildly obsessed with gradient color palettes. In that spirit, let’s think about how your business website rates:

Rate your current website

  • Designed for my customers
  • Looks good on mobile
  • Secure
  • Updated and maintained
  • Legally compliant
  • Optimized for searches (SEO)
  • Done!

It’s Vital to Grow Your Online Presence

How did you rate on the checklist? If your website for your service business is lacking in one or many ways, you’re in the right place. If you want to advance your online presence, I’m here to help.

Benefits to Your Business When You Work With Me

Website Security

We all know websites get hacked. I set your website up in a way that makes it much less likely to get hacked. And if it does, I will clean it up for you as part of my Website Care Plan.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting and maintenance are essential to your WordPress website. Please purchase my Website Care Plan to receive ongoing care of your website.

Legal Pages & Compliance

It is surprising how many websites in 2022 do not have legal pages. I provide solutions so this is not overlooked. Most websites need a solid Privacy Policy at minimum.

Mobile Responsive Design

I am 100% certain someone will view your website from their phone. So of course it is important for me to make sure your website looks great on all devices!

Lydia’s Business “Seize The Daytime” Helps Your Business

I’m Lydia Brinkmann and I love to help small businesses like yours make the most of your time.

I will take “website build” and “website maintenance” off your hands with the utmost professionalism and care. Whereas some website builders just design the site and call it a day, I ethically look at as many best practices as I can to make sure you are happy with your site over time. 

I make sure things are set up on the back end for Search Engine Optimization, I have a slew of security and backup needs that I address in the website build. I build with WordPress, a content management system that powers over a third of the websites on the internet!

And of course I make sure your site looks great when people view it from their phone! I also have solutions for hosting, maintenance, security, and legal pages (like privacy policies and more!) I will work through my checklists to do all the behind-the-scenes website things you may not even know are happening.

Get on my calendar today!

Click here to get a free 15-minute call where we discuss your online strategy and how my services can fit in with your business to advance your online presence.

What is it like to work with me?

A website is mostly intense for ME. I will be doing all the behind-the-scenes work.

Yet, you also have a role. A web developer needs at least the following items to build your website: a logo and branding, images, words, domain name.

You are responsible for deciding how you want to prepare your assets:

  • Hire a logo professional or copy professional
  • Hire me
  • DIY
  • Or some combination of DIY and hiring it out!

Preparing these assets can take some time. If these assets are not ready by your scheduled website build, I will do my best with what you give me. Please realize this will cut into the time I have for the website build itself.

Woman creating a website for a client


Logo and Branding

If your business doesn’t have a logo already, please prepare one or hire for one. If you don’t provide a logo, I will use your name in nice basic font and your brand colors. If you don’t have a color palette or font grouping, I can make suggestions.

simple logo example in two colors and readable font
image of a simple logo



I am not a photographer. I highly recommend you provide a few high quality photos that are personal to your business. If you want other images (stock photos or graphics), please provide them or we can add an upcharge to the website build for sourcing images.



Website copy is the words on your website. The messaging and information mostly needs to be provided before the website is built. You can hire a professional copywriter, write the words yourself, or hire me to prepare this. I enjoy writing copy for your website if you choose to add this on with my services.


Domain Name

Most of my clients already have a domain name purchased for their business but if you do not yet, let’s chat about what the best domain name might be. This needs to be available by the 5th day of the website build at the latest, but since dealing with domains can sometimes take up to 48 hours (which I have no control over), best to take care of this by the beginning of the build.

Seize The Daytime with me!