When it comes to picking a website hosting company, I’ve got two main criteria in mind: security and performance. Let me tell you why!

But first, my newbie horror stories.

Nightmare Situation During My First WordPress Experience

When I started blogging as a hobby, I read so many blogs about how Bluehost was a great hosting company for WordPress websites.

But I didn’t have such a pleasant experience.

Slow Loading

Everything seemed slow to load in my Bluehost account for one thing.

I Was Hacked!

And also, my website was hacked in my first 30 days. (I loved the blogging course I took, but I wish they would have taught me about website security right away. Hacking definitely could have been avoided, even on Bluehost.)

A positive thing I will say about my Bluehost experience is that someone in their chat customer support helped me update my php. They were truly helpful.

Why Did Anyone Recommend This Experience To Me (Without Teaching Me How to Manage Security)

I later learned that Bluehost is a popular hosting company because they are cheap and because so many affiliate marketers get paid a nice commission to recommend them. That’s why so many bloggers recommend them!

I have no problem with bloggers doing affiliate marketing when done ethically. And I have no problem with some choosing Bluehost.

Do The Right Thing, Affiliate Marketers!

The affiliate marketers who recommend Bluehost (or other cheap hosting) do their readers a disservice though. They need to tell them to use a security plugin on their WordPress site at a minimum.

I read A LOT of articles about blogging and how to sign up for hosting, and not one of them encouraged me to use Bluehost WITH a security plugin.

But after my experience, I decided to seek out a hosting company for WordPress that had a better reputation for performance and speed. I also wondered if they could do more for me to keep my website secure (beyond me adding a security plugin).

My Choice For Speed and Security From a WordPress Hosting Company

I found my answer in Flywheel!

(When you choose my hosting and maintence package, I will be hosting your sites using Flywheel’s secure and speedy servers!)

Flywheel Keeps Your Website Secure

First things first, security is a biggie in today’s online world. With all those sneaky cyber threats lurking around, I want to make sure my website and its data are safe and sound. That’s why I’m all about choosing a hosting company that takes security seriously.

A top-notch hosting provider will have all the bells and whistles to keep their servers and customer data protected. That means regular security updates, tough firewalls, malware scanning, and intrusion detection systems.

SSL certificates to encrypt data are definitely included in a quality hosting company.

To learn more, check out this article that really helped me understand how Flywheel keeps sites secure.

Knowing my website is in good hands gives me peace of mind that my hard work won’t fall victim to any cyber mean guys!

(Obscure note about Flywheel hosting: Flywheel disables XML-RPC by default. That’s just one more way they keep sites secure.)

Flywheel Sites Load Fast

Next up, performance is a big deal too. I mean, who likes a slow-loading website, right? Slow-loading websites can drive away visitors and negatively impact search engine rankings. In today’s fast-paced digital world, users expect websites to load quickly and deliver content seamlessly. I want my visitors to have a smooth experience and for my website to have a speed boost for search engine rankings.

A reliable hosting provider knows the drill. They’ve got beefed-up servers, plenty of bandwidth, and slick caching mechanisms to make sure my website loads faster than a cheetah on roller skates.

There are also ways we need to keep our sites optimized for speed. It’s a team effort! All I can say is Flywheel is doing their part.

Conclusion To My Need For Speed And Security In WordPress Hosting

So there you have it! When it comes to hosting my website, I’m all about the security and performance game. I want my website to be safe from any online shenanigans and blazing fast for my visitors. Choosing a hosting company that shares these priorities is a no-brainer for me. Here’s to a website that’s secure, speedy, and ready to rock!